How to reallocate your holdings?

You have the ability to move your money between funds within your 401(k) via the providers portal such as  This could increase your overall return significantly.   If the funds you are invested in is not performing well, you can research better preforming funds and re-balance your account using the online tools provided.  If you don’t feel comfortable with making the changes yourself, you can always reach out to your 401(k) provider for assistance.

I provided the steps below along with screenshots on how to re-balance your 401(k) using Fidelity.  The process is pretty straight forward.

  1. Login to your Fidelity 401(k) by visiting  You will be redirected to
  1. After you login to your fidelity account, click on the “Menu” drop down button and go to the “Home” page
  1. Click on the first box as shown to access account.  It will be labeled 401(k)
  1. Click on “Investments” and then “Change Investments
  1. Under Current Investments click on “Exchange MULTIPLE Investments”.  This allows you to re-balance your holdings in a single transaction
  1. Click on “Start Your Re-balance” button.  You should now be on the “Choose your allocation” page. This is where you can change how your entire account is invested.  You can see your current allocation, and make changes.  For each investment, indicate the allocation you want in the Desired % column.  Your choices must add up to 100%.
  1. After you have re-balanced by indicating the allocation you want in the Desired % column, click on the “Begin Re-balance” button at the bottom.  As noted above in the screenshot, your choices must add up to 100%.
  1. On the “Select your re-balance option” page, you want to choose “Re-balance my account now, one-time” and then click on the “Next” button at the bottom
  1. On the “Review and confirm” page, this will display the current and desired percentages for the re-balance.  Click the “Submit” button to complete the re-balance