Why should I buy Bitcoin?

There are many reasons to buy Bitcoin. In my opinion, one of the best reasons is because it is deflationary in nature. This is important because in a deflationary model goods cost less as time goes on (i.e. your money is worth more as time goes on). This is in contrast to an inflationary model, like the US economy, where goods become more costly as time goes on, which ultimately incentivizes spending.

The other, more subjective reason, is that because it’s still early. Yes, it’s not the days you could get a full Bitcoin for a few hundred dollars or for a few measly cents, but Bitcoin is still early in its life cycle. There are endless amounts of predicted valuations and if any prove to be remotely true there is still a long way to go before prices level off. Personally, I believe a $1 trillion valuation is the minimum bitcoin will achieve. This translates to a price around $48,000.